Manufacturing discontent in the pursuit of political power hurts us all

Although somewhat esoteric, this posting seeks to address the very foundation, the core of disharmony, when a people, or a nation falls victim to power-hungry politicians bent on seeking glory for themselves at the expense of the masses who support and believe in them.

Politicians manufacturing of discontent in the pursuit of power, though not new to electoral campaigns, foment indifference and hostility that contribute to varying degrees of discomforts and disharmony among friends, family members, and residents within the same community. Depending on one’s loyalty to a particular candidate, discontent can linger and even escalate long after the omnipresent politicians exit their campaign trails, suddenly turn invisible, and/or pretentiously become inaccessible.

With the elections behind us, the troubling specter remaining is the extent to which an increasing number of individuals propagate politically charged discontent through social media and other forms of daily communication in the promotion and escalation of indifference. Whether such propagandizing is the prelude to the unravelling of the normative harmony within civil society should be of concern to all.

If current trends, and patterns of indifference are valid indicators, the level of discontent is likely to linger, unless we begin to re-embrace our interdependence, and reclaim our common commitment to civility in the face of our distinct ethnicities, national origins, varied creeds, genders and sexual orientations etc.

By embracing the twisted societal reality aggressively promoted by android-like surrogates clad in human flesh, many supporters knowingly and unknowingly commit themselves to paying homage to demagogues bent on gaining and maintaining power through divisiveness. In so doing, common good gets relegated beyond the depths of the conscience, into the dark abyss of human boorishness.

Given our growing social-cultural and economic diversity, it is presumptuous to think that yesteryear’s images of social cohesion and tolerance can be readily reinstituted by lofty promises of politicians. The burden of societal harmony and social solidity rests with the very people, who due to political strife, find themselves marginalized and neglected by the vey politicians they championed as saviors from their current circumstances. Thus abused, they remain hopeful or silent, reinventing explanations and excuses for the political promises that never materialized.

Dismayed and dejected, many await the next cycle of political showmanship, hoping that repackaged tawdry promises of economic windfalls would come their way, delivering them from their lived precarious circumstances.

As we continue to blame those who outwardly look different from us, instead of the politicians who fashion new ways to deflect failed promises, life goes on with increasing suspicion.

For us to mend as a nation, we must begin by accepting our diversity with tolerance, condemn peddlers of divisive messagings, and oppose those who promote distrust.

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